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[100%OFF] All About Blockchain and Crypto: Focus on Global Business

Learn all about the disruptive Blockchain Technology and its application in foreign trade success and simplification

All About Blockchain and Crypto: Focus on Global Business

What you’ll learn

  • Role of Crypto and Blockchain technology based tech solutions to make global trade simple and secure

  • Basic concept of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

  • Blockchain based new tech solutions for global trade and commerce

  • All about Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

  • Blockchain and foreign trade applications

  • All about Blockchain based smart contracts

  • Areas of global trade and commerce which would benefit from blockchain technology based solutions

  • All about ‘International trade finance’ made easy by Blockchain solutions


  • There are no course requirement or prerequisite

Who this course is for:

  • Entrepreneurs curious about Blockchain and its applications

  • Management Students who are Blockchain Certificate Seekers

  • Business persons, exporters, importers, international traders

  • Ambitious investors in new revolutionary technology and solutions

  • Blockchain solutions hunters

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