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[100%OFF] Capture, Edit, Render: Create UHD Screen Videos with NVIDIA

{23 july only}

What you'll learn

  • Edit video audio with Audacity, eliminating ambient noise and normalizing the audio volume

  • Capture and record high-quality screen videos with OBS Studio, with details about custom configurations

  • Render your projects into constant high-quality, balanced bitrate, low-sized video outputs, with the highest possible processing performance

  • Edit video and audio with Kdenlive, with details about custom configurations: learn how to apply effects, transitions and basic edition techniques

  • Learn how to capture a 1k video from your screen and upscale that to a 4k final rendered video, ready for upload

  • Produce high-quality videos for your lectures or whatever other applicability you might have for your captured videos

  • Know the considerable differences between software-based and hardware(gpu)-based encoders

  • Learn the basics about video and audio containers and codecs (encoders and decoders)

  • Leverage the most from the your NVIDIA Graphics Card and from the new generation MP4 NVENC and Webm VP9 encoders

  • Learn how to evaluate the quality of an encoded video and how to decide which codecs, parameters and values to use with ffmpeg (both in OBS Studio as in Kdenlive)

  • Use much less storage space with the new MP4 NVENC HEVC H.265 and Webm VP9 encoders, keeping the same quality (compared to traditional encoders)

  • Reduce your rendering time to a proportion of 1:1 compared to your editing video length. Render a 1-hour 4k 60fps video in only 1h-rendering time... instead of in up to 10 hours. Diminish in 90% your rendering waiting with custom encoding ffmpeg profiles !

  • All that using only open source free Operating System and Softwares: Linux, OBS Studio, Audacity and Kdenlive

  • Know the limitations of the encoding process and how to mitigate them regarding your final rendered video properties

  • Video Codecs used: MP4 NVENC HEVC H.265 and AVC H.264, MKV NVENC AVC H.264, Webm VP9 ... with brief comments on: FLV, WMV, Gif and HuffYUV

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in creating and managing his own screen capture videos, or even other sources' videos, with the best quality and performance, taking the most out of his machine processing capability and optimizing his storage capacity with better compression ratio codecs


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