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[100%OFF] Lithium-Ion Batteries: How are cathode materials made?

Learn how to prepare cathode materials from scratch

Lithium-Ion Batteries: How are cathode materials made?

What you’ll learn

  • At the end you will know what it takes to make cathode materials and be able to read metallurgical flowsheets

  • The full flowsheet of battery making with special focus on cathode materials

  • Pyrometallurgical steps to retrieve Cobalt and Nickel out of the ores (roasting, smelting, converting)

  • Where to find Cobalt, Nickel and Lithium ores and how to mine them (mineralogy basics, crushing, screening, froth flotation)

  • Lithium extraction and refining (from ores and from brine)

  • Hydrometallurgical steps to retrieve Cobalt and Nickel from Matte (leaching, refining, precipitation, solvent extraction and much more)

  • Recycling of Spent Lithium Ion Batteries (battery life cycle, recycling flowsheet, treatment of small portable batteries, recycling of large batteries)

  • Battery Assembly (electrode slurry, calendaring, drying, assembly with separator and anode, winding, electrolyte filling, formation and assembly to battery)

  • Preparation of cathode material (precursor precipitation, lithiation, calcination, post processing, surface coating, alternative approaches)


  • What is an electron?

  • Knowledge in School Chemistry and School Physics, you should be able to answer following questions:

  • What is electricity? What is a battery?

  • What is a Redox-Reaction?

  • What the differences between a base and an acid? What is pH?

  • What is a solvent?

Who this course is for:

  • Students and peoples who are interested in the field of batteries

  • Battery enthusiasts

  • Professionals who want to grow in the field of batteries

  • Students in related fields (chemistry, material science, energy science)

  • Electric vehicle enthusiasts

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