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[100%OFF] Sass Course For Beginners: Learn Sass & SCSS From Scratch

Sass Course For Beginners: Learn Sass & SCSS From Scratch

Learn Sass & SCSS from scratch, learn how to use Sass to create clean, efficient & reusable designs.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Sass frameworks like foundation to create responsive sites

  • Design websites faster using Sass

  • Use Sass code to create CSS stylesheets

  • Use Mixins to maximise code reuse

  • Use partials to modularise your code

  • Create a portfolio site using Sass and foundation

  • Use extends to share chunk of properties between CSS selectors

  • Understand how the Sass preprocessor works

  • Use Sass in real world project


  • You should have a stable internet connection

  • You should have basic knowledge of HTML & CSS

  • You need N0 previous knowledge of Sass, SCSS or Foundation

Who this course is for:

  • You want to modularise your code

  • You want to write maintainable and scalable CSS

  • You already know how to design sites with HTML & CSS and want to learn an easy & efficient way to write CSS

  • You want to maximise code reuse.

  • You want to work on big projects and want an easier way to write styles for your webpages

  • You want to use frameworks like Bootstrap / Foundation along with Sass to create awesome looking webpages

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