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[100%OFF] The Python Programming A-Z Definitive Diploma in 2021

The Hands-On Guide to Master Modern Python and Data, to Advance your Dev and Data Career in no time!

The Python Programming A-Z Definitive Diploma in 2021

What you’ll learn

  • Python tools, keywords, best Practicing, high level descriptions

  • Basic and Advanced Python concepts to become a Rockstar Python Developer

  • Hands-on different types of Operations, Decision Making and Repetitive execution for sequences

  • All bout Variables, Data Types, Literals, Techniques, Importing and Formatting.

  • The Design of Functional Programs

  • Designing Data Structures

  • Files Handling, Modules and its Operations

  • Object-oriented design Principles

  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib and pyplot

  • Scientific computing for Data with NumPy

  • Using Databases with Python


  • No prior experience required.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineering Newbies

  • New Programmers

  • Programmers and developers who know other programming language but are new to python

  • Python Developers who want to master the new features of modern python v3.9.

  • Python new developers

  • Anyone who wants to dive deeply into Python Programming without wasting time.

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